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Vitamix vs Ninja Blenders - Two of Blenders That You Should Consider To Buy

September 27, 2016

When smoothie becomes your daily intake, then you should consider to replace your traditional blender with more advance blender in order to make more nutritious and delicious smoothie. There are lots of kinds of blenders coming from various manufacturers, so pick one of them can be tricky sometimes.

When looking for new blender we shall give attention to two kinds of blenders namely Vitamix and Ninja Kitchen brands. Our primary focus here's to observe what these blenders can offer to you. Vitamix and Ninja Kitchen are simply two different blenders from various producers along with what you want to know may be the distinction between them and discover much more about their performance, weaknesses and abilities.

Anyone that wants to have a smoothie including your has a right to take advantage of best blender out there depending on the quality they desire. Not all blenders will give you a good smoothie but these two blenders.

Will you get the real deal as soon as you use Vitamix or Ninja blender? That’s that which you would like you to know as you continue with your blending business using Vitamix or Ninja products.

Vitamix blenders have been in existence for a long time now as compared with Ninja. Even though many customers use Vitamix products when thinking about blending, Ninja blenders have also won the contest up to a point. Here is some points for those two blender brands.


  • Can make 37,000 RPMs max
  • 1300watts max
  • Comes with multiple containers
  • More options when it comes to controls
  • Comes with 4 strong blunt blades
  • Comes with 7 year warranty

Ninja Kitchen

  • Can make 24, 000 RPMs max
  • Between 1000 watts and 1500watts
  • Comes with multiple containers
  • Comes with 3 pre-defined options making your work easier
  • Comes with 6 vertically arranged blades in a tower to give you a new experience in blending
  • 1 year warranty



When thinking about overall performance both blender types are powerful considering the fact that they operate at a extremely high horsepower. While Vitamix blenders operate at 1300watts max depending on model used, Ninja types operate at 1000-1500watts maximum.

They both have very powerful motors to help them grind the food and present nice smoothies texture. Most Vitamix blenders can achieve 37000rpm which implies they have a better speed when compared with some blenders. Ninja blenders could make 24000rpm which is slightly lower than vitamix blenders. But let’s not claim that that’s where the difference lies since there are very many features that vary between these two blender types, this is where the tricky part I mentioned at beginning.


All Vitamix blenders are designed in such a way that they have blunt blades which are hardened stainless steel and strong to cut through any vegetable or fruit to give you a nice smoothie. Two of these blades are actually used as hammer-mills and are blunt enough to crush your frozen food or any produce placed inside. The other two blades are used in cutting your produce into finer pieces and they are sharp to allow them cut through your food.

On the opposite the Ninja Kithcen blenders' blades are arranged vertically in a tower and they are normally six. These blades are very sharp to cut through your food and give good mixtures. This vertical arrangement of blades allows easy cleaning of your Ninja blender though you’ll have to be careful because these blades are usually very sharp.

As what mentioned on this depth review of Vitamix vs Ninja Blender, with that such of power speed from the motor, the needed of sharp blades are not necessary, the factor that affect is the blades thickness and the material whether it strong or not.


To get the most benefits from smoothie, we need to use a good blender which can blend every ingredients:vegetables, fruits to the tiniest particle in matter of seconds. Blend high fiber green vegetables like kale with a bad blender will only take more times which can caused the heat from the motor break the vegetables nutrition. 

So having a good blender can be a mandatory depends on your making smoothie routines. There are two blender manufacturers that are suitable for this needs, which are Vitamix and Ninja Kitchen. Both are excellent in quality, while Vitamix offer extra quality on every components they have in their blenders, Ninja Kitchen tend to suitable for second line in this market, they offer cheaper price but not loss the quality too much. All back to your budget and preferences during choose these two blenders.


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